I was playing A Link to the Past and this popped in my head. Its terribly cheesy. Oh and its also available for sale here: http://society6.com/HoratiFandango/Boss-Key_Print


This was fun. Incorporating vectors with the digital paint was interesting.

I did this piece originally for something completely different but as I was finishing it, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan so I thought maybe I should use it to help the Japanese people.

I’m thinking of either selling it as an A3 print, t-shirts or both with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity providing disaster relief in Japan. I’m just gauging response to see if there’s an interest at the moment, I haven’t decided which charity to contact yet. I’m currently looking at a few but if anybody has any suggestions just send me an email (alexis.francois.morand@gmail.com).Thanks.

National Tree Week Poster Submission.