Very rough test for an animation I’m working on for the lolz. It served its purpose so I won’t be finishing it but hopefully what I’ve learned will improve the final piece…

The video compression murdered it…

An animation I did for the Feeding the 5000 event in Dublin. It takes place on the 24th of November in Wolf Tone park, its for a great cause so you should go to it! Hope you enjoy it, thanks to James for doing the V.O. and P-A for helping with the recording away from home. More info at:

The aim of the piece was to tell the story of the London Blitz using a combination of type and image. The emphasis on the expressive use typography to convey various emotions.
Another aspect of the project was writing the music, which was a lot of fun. Might revisit it in the future to tweak some of the animations.

An After Effects animation I did based on a poem by Tony Curtis

Streetsounds. My first attempt at after effects animation. (the same as the last post but this time it can be viewed on Tumblr instead of having to go to vimeo)